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Construction Management and Supervision

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Series of Webinars

Course Description

Project management is an essential skill when taking a construction plan from start to finish. Knowing how to assess risk, map out timelines and budgets, and plan for procurement are just a few aspects of managing a building project – big or small – to a successful completion.

This suite of 7 Project Management courses will give you all the tools you need to put an array of project management skills into practice.

  • Project Triple Constraint (Webinar) – February 21, 2024
  • Project Risk Management (Webinar) – March 13, 2024
  • Project Procurement (Webinar) – April 3, 2024
  • Baseline Details & Project Reporting (Webinar) – April 24, 2024
  • Quality Management of the Project Deliverable and Process (Webinar) – May 1, 2024
  • Project Management Styles (Webinar) – May 8, 2024
  • Close Out & Lessons Learned (Webinar) – May 15, 2024

Project Triple Constraint (4-hour Webinar)

Learn how to define the scope of work and effectively break it down to accurately assign a budget and schedule to each scope item; how to use allowances when necessary; determine contingency; and the all-important management of change orders.

Project Risk Management (2-hour Webinar)

This course will help you identify, analyze and evaluate the impact of a risk event and plan a response or potentially mitigating the risk altogether. You will examine a project’s risk management from the project team perspective, and determine the risk management process, who should be involved.

Project Procurement (1-hour Webinar)

Having a well-thought out procurement plan for your project is critical to managing your scope, budget and schedule, and this course will review proper procurement planning; the issuance of purchase orders and sub-trade agreements; and an efficient close-out procedure for your purchasing.

Baseline Details & Project Reporting (2-hour Webinar)

This course will teach you how to set out your baseline objectives, so that you can understand how to plan, monitor and report as you go. We will also recap the triple constraint concept and your tools to keep the scope, budget and timeline in check. You will learn how to create measurable outcomes using data reports and how to effectively communicate the information to all of your stakeholders.

Quality Management – Project Deliverables and Process (1-hour Webinar)

Learn how to plan for exceptional quality management throughout your project, from site to successful completion, and how to manage the process to ensure your client’s expectations are met.

Project Management Styles – Traditional/Agile/Hybrid (2-hour Webinar)

In this course, the three styles of project management will be defined so you can determine the proper fit for different projects. You will learn what a Project Charter is, how to create one and how to use it to establish your project management starting point.

Close Out & Lessons Learned (2-hour Webinar)

Learn how to make your close-out process effective and efficient. Practice running a team de-brief and how to create a ‘lessons learned document’ – both from a project and organizational point of view. After this course, you will walk away with a clear close-out process, with a ‘lessons learned document’ that you can use for future projects and organizational change.

Course Format

All online courses require successful completion of the following components:

  • Attendance for the full duration of the webinar sessions

Course Material

There is no textbook for the sessions. All materials are contained within the presentation during the webinar sessions. Any supplementary materials provided by the speaker will be emailed to students post-session, if applicable.

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