Upcoming Webinar – Building Science for Renovations

Course Description

Do you understand the “house-as-a-system” to design energy-efficient and green renovations and retrofits?

Learn skills and tools to incorporate green building and energy-efficient design successfully in your renovation and retrofit projects.

  • Learn the current science and solutions behind renovating quality, energy-efficient homes.
  • Educate your client on cost-effective home improvement options that consider health and energy efficiency, and take advantage of incentive programs.
  • Manage you clients’ renovation goals.
  • Reduce the risk of your renovation work creating problems with durability, health or comfort.

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Meet the Speaker

Einar Halbig

Managing Partner
E3 Eco Group

Einar Halbig has over 25 years of education and experience in residential construction. He specializes in practical solutions that make a house more efficient, safe and comfortable. As an Energy Advisor, he has evaluated thousands of new and existing homes across the Lower Mainland. Einar embarked on a deep-green energy retrofit of his own house in 2008 and now enjoys the many benefits of the end result. As part of E3 Eco Group, Einar consults with Builders, Developers, Homeowners, Utilities and different levels of government. He brings an engineering background, technical sales expertise, and hands-on experience to the field of energy efficiency and sustainability consulting. Einar has been an instructor of Building Science training and Energy Advisor training since 2010, and he serves as one of the Directors of the Canadian Association of Consulting Energy Advisors. When he’s not in the office, Einar enjoys spending time with his family and cycling in the local mountains.

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