Elevate Your Builds: Discover Carbon Reduction Insights!

Course Description

In the wake of increasingly and impactful severe weather events, the true price of maintaining business as usual has become apparent. Recognizing the shift in home buyers’ priorities towards resilience, comfort, and health, this course will provide an exploration of carbon reduction.

This session will dive into the intricacies of the BC Zero Carbon Step Code, what it is, where it stands, why it matters. Armed with comprehensive datasets, the course will pain a picture of the current state of the industry and project where it needs to be and when.

The primary focus will be on facilitating a seamless and cost-effective transition for builders, with particular focus on electrical systems and codes. The session aims to showcase practical strategies for right-sizing systems to meet evolving demands. The session will also spotlight specific examples of best practices, helping builders and trades navigate the path toward a sustainable, resilient and healthy future.



  • Cranbrook – September 19, 2024
  • Nelson – October 30, 2024

As part of the Kootenay Clean Energy Transition project,  is offering a $100 subsidy for participants from the Regional Districts of Kootenay Boundary, Central Kootenay, and East Kootenay, and those joining from the Columbia Basin Trust Region.

The $100 subsidy, available only for enrollments for Nelson and Cranbrook, is to be refunded post-class.


Meet the Speaker

Mark Bernhardt

Bernhardt Contracting

Mark is the President of Bernhardt Contracting Ltd., a licensed builder based in Victoria BC. In 2012, Bernhardt Contracting built the first Certified Passive House on Vancouver Island, and has since gone on to build or consult on dozens more. Mark is also a Certified Energy Advisor and Passive House Consultant, and over the past year has spent much of his time helping other builders gear up for Step Code and higher performance buildings.

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