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Construction Technology

Time Commitment:

4 hours min.

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Course Description

This 3-part online live workshop help participants understand the key principles of high-performance homes. As building codes continue to move toward Net Zero Ready, these timely courses provide concentrated learning on four core components of a home; the foundation, the above grade walls, the roof, and windows and doors.


In this session, the building science principles are applied to wall systems. Effective air sealing and insulation strategies are demonstrated. These segments will help participants choose appropriate wall details for cost-effective enclosures that avoid interstitial condensation and help reduce both heating and cooling loads. A look at wall design, heat loss and moisture control will be discussed, along with air barrier details and strategies that work. Common air leakage locations and holes that are frequently missed will be identified. A discussion on interior and exterior air barriers will be covered along with a look at cavity insulation and exterior continuous insulation. In this session, cost-effective wall assemblies for Net Zero Energy compliant homes will be identified for different climate zones. Alternative and innovative wall assemblies will also be demonstrated and discussed, including a look at advanced framing / simplified framing = OVE, structurally insulated panels, and insulated concrete forms.

Determine appropriate wall details that avoid interstitial condensation and help reduce energy loads.

Identify interior and exterior air barriers details and strategies that address common air leakage locations.

Assess high-performance wall assemblies across different climate zones for cost-effectiveness and durability.

Consider alternative wall assemblies, including advanced framing, structurally insulated panels, and insulated concrete forms.

Course Format

This course requires successful completion of the following components:

  • Attendance for the full duration of the webinar session

Course Material

There is no textbook for this session. All materials are contained within the presentation during the webinar session. Any supplementary materials provided by the speaker will be emailed to students post-session, if applicable.

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