On the road! Reaching Future Performance Targets Using Fundamental Enclosure Concepts

Does the mindset for residential construction today correlate with the performance targets of tomorrow … simply put … No! High performance residential buildings need to be highly durable, but what type of enclosure assemblies will meet future energy demand requirements? What are the renewable details associated with typical 15-20-year building enclosure assets (e.g., deck/balcony membranes and sloped roof systems)? How can you gain experience with new high-performance building performance methods before taking on your next project?

This training is designed for both new and seasoned Part 9 Residential builders in any British Columbia climate zone who want to:

  • Gain hands-on experience with high-performance air and water barrier membrane installation detailing known to improve efficiency, increase durability, and reduce installation costs
  • Build the fundamental knowledge required to be successful in evaluating and implementing high-performance enclosure design demanded by current and future code requirements
  • Learn cutting edge renewable detailing approaches that can be implemented on even today’s projects

Seats are limited. Don’t miss this opportunity, click the button below and register now!

Meet the Speaker

James Higgins | AScT

Associate, Building Science Technologist
RDH Building Science Inc.

James works across several groups at RDH, from research and investigation with the Building Science Labs team, to building enclosure design and construction field review in the Building Enclosure Engineering group. As a leading member of the Labs team, James takes an active role in industry education, from presentations and webinars to hands-on training. James has co-authored numerous technical guides and research documents that are widely used in the building science industry, including the Building Enclosure Design Guide and the BC Energy Step Code Builder Guide. James’ project work includes large wall, window, and roof rehabilitation projects for residential, commercial, and institutional owners. He has expertise in the investigation, design, and field review of more complex roof renewal or replacement projects. He typically manages several rehabilitation projects at any point in time. James’ building science training and hands-on experience with many aspects of building enclosure construction make him an invaluable resource at RDH.

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