NEW Webinar – Scaling to 8-Figures: Project Management & Financial Secrets for Rapid Growth Builders

Course Description

Your project managers make or break your construction company…but so few know how to nail every project, every time. 

🗓 Jobs run late

😒 Scope-creep sets in

🩸 And you bleed profits

You had hoped your PM would keep your clients, crews, and subs happy. A reliable type who could steady the ship.  Instead, they’re drowning in the hurricane of responsibilities that go with the job. The thing is, excellent project management is a crucial ingredient to your success and growth past 8-figures. Even the most hard-working and skilled contractors eventually stagnate without it.

So how do you transform your PMs from flailing to flourishing so they can:

  • Successfully complete the most demanding projects-on time,
  • Create higher than anticipated gross profit,
  • AND keep everyone happy…on every  proeject.

The solution for smart contractors is to stop blaming PMs — and start restructuring their project management systems.

On October 21, you can go behind the scenes with Danny Kerr from Breakthrough Academy as he hands over their internal secrets for faster projects, happier customers, and fatter net profits.

In this workshop, you’ll learn to:

  • How to avoid the top three project management mistakes—so you can stop having to manage the problems that your PMs are supposed to handle
  • The four building blocks of solid project management that lead to change order adjusted schedules & budgets being met (if your PMs and staff keep quitting, then this is instrumental)
  • An 8-figure contractor’s system for building a bullet-proof budget that owners and PMs can get on the same page with.


Get free access to Breakthrough Academy’s Project Managers Goal Setting & Review Tool (use this to make sure your PM is supported and organized).