NEW webinar – Scaling To 8-Figures & Beyond: How To Run A Resilient Contracting Company

Scaling To 8-Figures & Beyond: How To Run A Resilient Contracting Company (Webinar)

The Critical Systems Needed to Boost Capacity & Meet Demand

  • Date: October 14, 2022
  • Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm
    Price: $149
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Course Description

As contractors, we are problem-solvers, adept at getting quick results. But what about your long-term success? In this interactive workshop, we will focus on 3 core areas to help you build a successful path to sustainable business growth:

  1. Build an Effective Management Structure – Learn about the 6 Pillars of Management that every business needs to sustainably grow, which include Financial Planning & Budgeting Management, Organizational Structure, Intentional Recruiting, Training Systems, Sales & Marketing and Goal Setting & Execution.
  2. Systemizing Your Workflow – Learn strategies to avoid spending time on low-priority projects and bring clear accountability to who does what in your business.
  3. Create an Effective Organizational Structure and reclaim 5 hours in your week! Whether you want to scale your business, or you’d like to refine your current operations, it’s crucial to have a well-defined organizational structure. Learn how to find extra time to work on your business instead of in your business; time to stop wearing 10 hats and grinding 60-80 hours every week!

In this workshop, you’ll learn to:

  • Understand the foundational systems needed to scale your business operations and manage change
  • Understand how to create a clearly defined organizational structure (from lead to invoice) and a detailed workflow of who does what and how
  • Understand the concepts needed to structure your contracting business for maximum productivity and sustainable growth
  • How to establish an organizational chart with clear roles, deliverables, and accountabilities to improve business management


You’ll be given the ready-to-go systems & templates to get a more productive organizational structure implemented in your business immediately, including sample employment agreements, example workflow processes and organizational structures, and an implementation checklist that outlines all the systems a healthy company needs.

Meet the Speaker

Danny Kerr

Breakthrough Academy

Danny Kerr is one of North America’s top contracting thought-leaders, assisting hundreds of entrepreneurs every year to build kick-ass, profitable businesses.  Hyper-focused by his desire to do better, be better, he started his own contracting business when he was just a teen and by the age of 20, he was leading a franchise company wherein just one year he grew sales by 225%.  In 2015, he co-founded Breakthrough Academy as a way to open horizons for other contracting entrepreneurs.  Breakthrough Academy works with over 400 contractors across the continent, managing over $1.2 billion worth of revenue, and was rated Canada’s 106th fastest growing company by The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business in 2020; BTA’s third consecutive year on a national growth list. 

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